Personal Data Is Important To Us Northamptonshire Carers is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and acts in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR, 2018). Under this legislation, your personal information will be treated as confidential, kept safe and secure, used fairly and lawfully and not kept for longer than is necessary. Declaration I understand that by registering my details with Northamptonshire Carers, a confidential computer record will be created. This will be kept securely as per the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR, 2018). If I have provided any information about someone else (i.e. the person(s) I care for), I will ensure that they are advised about this. I understand that Northamptonshire Carers complete Carers Assessments on behalf of Northamptonshire County Council so Carers Assessments and Support Plans are shared securely between these organisations in order to deliver this statutory service. My information will only be shared with other parties with my consent. For example if I agree to be referred to other organisations to provide support. An exception to this would be if Northamptonshire Carers need to report a risk to myself or others whereby Northamptonshire Carers are duty-bound to follow safeguarding policies. If I have completed a Carers Assessment I agree that the information I have provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge. Copies of any Carers Assessment or Support Plan will be sent to me. I understand that I can also access a copy of my records held by Northamptonshire Carers. To request this or to discuss confidentiality further, I can contact Northamptonshire Carers' Data Protection Officer. Further information can be found on our website:

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